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Predator 75 is one of the most successful yachts of the Sunseeker’s yacht range which has earned a great reputation and success. The 75 foot yacht is equipped with four cabins, four suites and a separate crew cabin. The spacious decks of the yacht brings a ship like feel to the predator. The engineering of the yacht is simple but effective. This simple engineering has allowed at glance monitoring in the walk in aft engine.
Don Shead has added a Sunseeker’s signature hull design to the already impressive design features of the yacht. Latest 1500hp V12 Man Motors powers this highly efficient machine and make it as effective as all the other yachts of the Sunseeker’s range. The hydraulic bow and stern thrusters which spreads beyond the bow and back to the starboard corner, makes the yacht even more perfect. With all these features you will be overwhelmed to take a ride in this mini yacht.
75 Yacht which has a weight over 50000 kg, does not wallow like the other big boats when you go to places apart from your marine berth. The yacht records a top speed of 33 knots and with the royal carriage, it will record a cruise speed of 23 to 24 knots. The yacht also has off the wheel power assisted steering which makes it a sporty drive. The yacht certainly is fun and enjoyable than many of the sport cruisers. So if you want to cruise along the sea this yacht is a perfect match.
Fine lines of the 75 yacht and the sheer volume is more than likely to excite you as soon as you step on to this amazing cruise. A jet powered Avon RIB is included in the submersible boarding platform of the boat. The crew cabin which is naturally ventilated and air conditioned, is accessible from the door which lies just before the platform. The crew cabin is equipped with two adult length bunks, digital VHF with intercom, hanging space and lots of floor space. The decent shower and electricity makes it even cozier.

Sea Ray Sunseeker Predator 75 Specification

The yacht is also equipped with an environmental friendly fire fighting system. Instant temperature control is supported with two compact chilled water air conditioning units. If you intend to take a cruise to the reefs, the yacht is also included with a desalinator. Twin 22.5 kW generators with underwater exhausts provides electricity to the yacht. Five blade props and dripless shaft seals allows the cruise to sail smoothly. The design of the yacht makes it a perfect machine that will provide a cozy journey through the rough sea waters.
If you seek for more from the cruise, you have the option of getting a teak deck on the bridge as well as an Avon jet tender. There will be more space in the interior and interior space will be much cleaner if the internal fly bridge is removed.
The yacht also has a wonderful dining venue just located by the water’s edge back in the teak cockpit. Five teak chairs with a blue and white upholstery is also included with a long teak table in the middle. The place can easily accommodate 10 people comfortably. The low level of Outdoor living at this amazing yacht is simply awesome. You can come aboard through the staircase leading up to the cockpit. Every corner of the yacht serves a purpose. The design has ensured that none of the outdoor space will be unused. The peanut shaped cleats and full bulwarks supported by rails will let you feel it like staying in a real ship. If you step into the bow, you will pass through a foredeck storage lockers and afterwards you will find a forward facing lounge built for four which is built into the boat. The sun lounge of this amazing yacht is ideal for a gorgeous sunbathing experience. If you are willing to take a drink while staying in the sun lounge, the drink holders are there to hold your cups. Sit down and relax in the evening while zipping a glass of classy champagne and enjoy the amazing ocean view.
brighter lights and the ice-maker which is not far away makes this an ideal dining location.
The deck of the ship has sufficient room to enable a group of entertainers perform. In simple the predator 75 is a giant compared to similar capacity yachts. The single level fly bridge is exceptionally large and can be used as a lounge for your requirements. In every mean the predator 75 is a large yacht which is spacious and comfortable.
Indoor entertainment is another major requirement when cruising along and predator 75 is enhanced with sufficient space for indoor environment activities. The yacht is included with two opposing lounges which can accommodate a total of twelve guests. It is an ideal choice for a family entertainment session. The 100cm plasma TV and speakers are ideal for a quality entertainment session. The single level saloon makes it easier to roam around and enjoy the amazing view of the sea.
Predator 75 also has a galley which serves the requirements quite sufficiently. It is equipped with everything required in a live board boat. There are granite countertops, a Miele four-burner cooktop, a deep sink, Bosch dishwasher, Panasonic convection microwave, and lots of timber lockers with the supplied Royal Dalton dinner and afternoon-tea settings and stainless-steel cutlery. All these facilities make this a cozy little yacht that is ideal for you to spend some gorgeous ocean time.


Predator 75 is not the largest cruise yacht by any means. Yet it has sufficient space and cozy arrangements which lets you feel like having a large space than it actually has. Take dozen guests with you and enjoy your vacation. The cruise yacht is easy to handle and comfortable to stay. Predator 75 is also equipped with all the essentials. So you can spend your vacation without any problem. Predator 75 is one of the best yachts that you can take for a cruise.

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