Explore Bahamas With a Private Yacht in Luxury Style!

By February 16, 2016 Yolo Story's

Bahamas luxury tour on a yacht rental is once in a life time experience

If you are a beach lover thinking about the perfect stretch of powdery sand lapped by seas in sublime shades of blue, then you are probably dreaming about Bahamas, the ultimate tourist destination. Let Yolo Boat Rentals make your yacht renting experience to Bahamas memorable. This island country is made up of more than 700 islands as well as islets and cays but approximately, only 30 of them are inhabited. This tropical paradise lies only 50 miles from Florida. Getting to the Bahamas with one of our yacht rental service is going to be a unforgettable experience, and that is a proven fact by our costumers. At one time this island used to be popular with pirates and Loyalist but now it has turned out to be a playground for the rich and famous and anyone who enjoys world-class diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing.

Some of the common attractions on the Island of Bahamas include:

Pink Island Beach harbor Island – which is made up of pink sands

bahamas pink beach sand

Mount Alvernia, Cat Island- rises to a height of 63 meters and it is the highest point on the island of Bahamas.

Mount Alvernia cat islands Bahamas

Underwater cave system-formed during the glacial period is made up of hundreds of vertical and horizontal caves below the Islands.

bahamas under water cave system

Bahamas- which comes from the Spanish name “Baja mar” meaning shallow water or sea. Bimini – also known as the biggest game fishing capital of the Bahamas.

Bimini bay in Bahamas fishing

Indigenous people- These are the historical features that make the island interesting. The first people who inhabited the island were the Tainos. The Dean’s Blue Hole-which runs to a depth of 202 and happens to be the deepest blue hole in the world, marine habitat at Atlantis


This and many more you are yet to see and experience. Word of advice, if you are planning to make Bahamas your next dream destination then how else are you going to experience the ultimate comfort. So this pretty much sums it all up and if you want luxury and private fulfillment than when you rent your own private yacht with Yolo Boat Rentals. Yes let’s visit Bahamas in style.

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