Oak Tavern in Miami Best Restaurant For Boat Guests

By January 14, 2019 Yolo Story's
Oak Tavern in Miami Best Restaurant For Boat Guests

Hot Oak Tavern Restaurant in the Design District in Miami

Named after the historic giant oak tree that used to hang above the patio. Oak Tavern welcomed their guests indoors and outdoors up to 140 seating places and reservations. Tables and the interior design was from wooden chairs and old fashioned vibe. The menu consisted of small plates, snacks, fish, pizzas, house-cured charcuterie from quality ingredients and freshly served food. As recommended by the Miami Design District among many major food critic places. The restaurant also used to do events and yacht banquets for luxury boat rentals for our guests and sailors. We used to recommended for our guest that made Miami boat charter reservations to add Oak Tavern on their list of things to do. Our boat tours always where successful from the quality of food this restaurant bar would provide for our captain and its crew! We include this restaurant at YoloBoatRentals for our guests that take a tour on our yachts.

Oak Tavern
Bars in Buena Vista
35 NE 40th St
Miami, FL 33137

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