Raft Advantage Instead of a Boat

By June 19, 2015 Yolo Story's
rafting compared to a yacht

You decided to build a raft out of wood just to avoid maintenance cleaning and see how it would be on the ocean sailing on a wooden Raft compared to a Yacht is not the same as a cruise yachting experience.
Hence the expression not as rich to be on a yacht but to be on a self-made raft.

avoid boat detailing expenses in Fort Lauderdale with a raft

Besides you wont have issues of cleaning or getting your boat detailing company of choice to do all the work you most likely not wanting to do. These problems never happen with a simple little home made raft. Everyone knows how painful it is to maintenance your yacht or boat, specially in South Florida salty ocean weathers. We like to use what nature gave us a lot and not worry about getting our boats washed all the time and then find a boating guy that does all the work in South Florida and protective compounds on your boat or yacht.
So we went on and compared the two after a long time being on a yacht as a mate the rafting experience was extremely fun in the area (find out more). we got all the wood for the rest around nearby Islands and build our self or mini yacht which was a wooden craft made out of bamboo. it definitely shows that Mother Nature can make you disappear on a raft compared to be on a huge Yacht out on the Atlantic Ocean. Waters are lots of fun and the adventure (read more) was just this good on a raft then on a yacht in. Our fleet is extraordinary in and the selection is wide inventory of Yachts docked in the marina.

So to sum it all up

Well if your budget does not allow to buy or pay for the detailing maintenance costs in Florida on your boat or yacht, then just try to make a raft for the fun of it and you still can take it out on calm weathers on the ocean. Most people that live or have their boats end up some how always paying for a boat cleaning company to keep their vessels in good shape, because it takes lot of time and hard work to keep your boat shiny and polished at all times to keep it protected from the hot sun with quality compounds such as 3M.

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