How To Use Yacht Cruises To Become More Socially Popular

By July 19, 2015 Yolo Story's
How To Use Yacht Cruises To Become More Socially Popular

Or The Envy Of Some Yachting Friends, At Least.

Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines used to be the happening thing. Back in the day when you were younger. Yeah, maybe. But, now you’re older. More mature and have a few more dollars in the bank. So the class of people you tend to associate yourself with now, do different things. So, now, you do different things. As for any travel to renting a yacht with is boating adrenaline boost. That weekend cruise vacation on Carnival, has now turned into a 7 day cruise on a yacht. Everybody’s doing it.

Everybody who’s got money. That is. Your friends describe the yacht to you. They tell you the difference it makes to cruise the same seas on a yacht. They even tell you that these yachts travel to different places than the ordinary cruise ships. It sounds so intriguing. You have the talk with the missus. You two agree on a cruise. A timetable. And a savings plan. It’s only a few grand more than Carnival.

But, the guys have been raving about this yacht thing.

Every day it’s the same thing. Seven nights here. Nine nights there. A cruise to Greece, Italy, Portugal. And not the average destinations. These are yacht cruises, so you cruise to exquisite paces. Just like Carnival and Royal Caribbean have their own islands and cruises. The yachts have their own private destinations.

For about five to grand, sometimes . You can cruise to beautiful Italy, Greece, Turkey. Anywhere in the West Mediterranean. Enjoy a peaceful, serene cruise across the Mediterranean and ‘ball out

All your friends are doing it. It’s time you start doing it. So get out that tuxedo Be prepared for some stepping and some more stepping. Because as good as you’re going to look. ‘All aboard!’

But, the tux won’t be for the entire cruise. Dress is casual. Elegant casual by day. Casually elegant by night. Show up to show out! Casual and sophisticated. These cruises are for the grown and sexy! Send the to Ma’s. And come aboard for a good looking time.

Ask anyone aboard the yacht. Is this a cruise line? The answer in short. No way! This is a yacht. The most elegant, sophisticated cruising experience around. And yacht cruising ‘just your typical cruising The yacht boasts not just elegance. But. Privacy, serenity and sanctuary. Average cruise lines may offer you your own suite or balcony. But, while aboard a yacht. It’s almost like your own condo! Equipped with all the same amenities and sometimes more. Small space big enough to entertain in.

Most yacht cruises go to the same destinations.

Greece, Italy and Portugal. Now, although these may very well be the most exquisite destinations out. Let’s just say you don’t wish to visit either of those places. You’ve got choices. Thailand. The Virgin Islands. Even Croatia. Two different Croatias, to be exact. Black and Red. And what’s the difference, you ask? Well, apparently. It has everything to do with the routes sailed during ‘Yacht Week

‘Yacht Week’ is a week of sailing aboard a yacht for seven days in Croatia. By far, the best yacht cruise I have heard of. Now, I must warn you. Cruising on a yacht is not only different in sailing experience. Cruising a yacht, certain Skippers have their guests swab decks, help with the sailing and/or cooking. Yes. Of course. You get to sunbathe, enjoy new friends, dance and drink and play sports, even. Some of the Croatian cruises have ships within the ship. Whole, entire cities within the ship. Amazingly adventurous. Guaranteed to be the best seven days with your best buds. Ever.

And just as any good vacation. If you’re into it. All inclusive drink packages. the fancy restaurant deals, and even for the ladies. The spa and wellness package. Pamper yourself. You deserve it! Besides. The cruise was planned with just that in mind. Right?

And if you happen to be on the cruise with the family. Mom couldn’t come through for you. There’s an all inclusive drink package for the that includes virgin cocktails. And if the are with you. Tell me you took advantage of the cruise free deal?

To keep the experience unique, you have plenty of ways to relax, have fun and pamper yourself. Croatia, I feel is the place you want to be. The black and red routes are not that different except they departure from different locations and different days. They both sail the same route. And I’m not so sure what the fascination Croatia has with colors. But, there’s the Blue Caves and the Green Caves.

Haven’t had that much fun yet? Try the theaters or the casino. Full casino and great theater. Musicals, dance shows and plays.


Now, the biggest thing that makes Yacht Week rock. Meeting all the cool folks from the world. People from everywhere and all walks of life. Not a dull at all There’s deck games, sports section, Everything. You must be at least 20 on some yachts, unless spoken of long before setting sail. The average guest is at least 25. Great mature crowd.

Before booking your trip make sure to have a passport and any other travel documents you may need. The most important thing I could say right now. Also. Croatia has its own money. Convert!

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